Outdoor lovers and commercial entertaining centers have much to discover with the new Cyclopal. The Cyclopal was conceived with one purpose in mind: To reinvent the pleasure of watercraft activities for all ages.

Comfortable, safe and durable, the Cyclopal allows the user to achieve speed unattainable by conventional pedal-boats… even when pedaling against the current.

Composite fiberglass and aluminum unite in this ergonomic and nimble watercraft. The power to the blades is transferred via a two blade independent propulsion system. Powerful yet lightweight, the Cyclopal’s smooth propulsion system avoids the creation of air eddies thus allowing it to travel at a constant speed.

The Cyclopal can be disassembled in only a few minutes,
without tools, to facilitate transport, storage or launching.

The Cyclopal allows for manoeuvrability against current and waves.
Speeds attainable at cruising speed far exceed the industries norm.


  • Seats 2 passengers
  • Impact resistant hull and non-skid integrated bridge
  • Equipped with comfortable and adjustable seats
    including adjustment on aluminum rails
  • Waterproof storage compartment
  • Armoured rudder system for easy docking without friction
  • Cup holder


  • Retractable canopy
  • Trailer
  • Transportation canvas

Forget your misconceptions about conventional pedal boats. Rediscover the pleasure of pedalling on water with the Cyclopal! The Cyclopal is professionally engineered by experienced technicians. These high quality watercrafts are Canadian built in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The Cyclopal results from the expertise of Fibre de Verre Sherbrooke in injection casting.

The Cyclopal is registered with Transport Canada’s Office of marine transportation.